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Model, actress and animal activist JOY CORRIGAN is living the dream. The North Carolina-born beauty talks food, fashion and fitness, as well as her latest project - Jade's Vine Foundation for endangered animals and plants.

We caught up with Joy at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in LA with Sydney-based photographer, Cameron Mackie. See the interview and photoshoot below. Click the images to shop the collection.


SUBOO: Tell me a little bit about yourself – where did you grow up?

JOY: I grew up on a farm in North Carolina. With 6 brothers and 3 sisters. I spent a lot of time outside building forts, climbing trees and riding horses. I was definitely a Tomboy! Now I am based in Los Angeles, California, it is definitely my favourite place to live!

SUBOO: How did you get discovered?

JOY: When I was 14, I was approached in the local mall by a teen clothing brand named Delia's. They asked me if I wanted to walk in their fashion show, I did, and I loved it! Ever since, I've immersed myself into fashion and love being in front of the camera! 

SUBOO: Everyone says you’re the most incredibly lovely person to work with – how do you stay grounded in your career?

JOY: My family and upbringing keep me grounded. We grew up poor, and had to work hard for everything. So now I have a great appreciation for the people in my life and the consistent work! 


SUBOO: If you weren’t modelling, what would you want to do?

JOY: If I weren't shooting or on set every day,  I would spend my time following my passions to be a full time artist, philanthropist and chef!




SUBOO: You started The Jade´s Vine foundation, tell us about it and why is it important to you ? 

JOY: The Jade's Vine Foundation is a charity I started to help save and protect endangered species around the world. Animals and plants have always been a passion of mine, especially since I grew up on a farm! So informing and encouraging others to help in this cause is my main focus right now. 

SUBOO: What do you do to stay in shape?

JOY: I eat a plant based diet, and stay very active! If I'm not shooting, you will find me hiking, horseback-riding or taking a boxing class! I also try to drink green juice everyday, not only does it make me feel great, it helps keep my skin clear! 

SUBOO: Describe your perfect day off when you’re not working

JOY: A perfect day would start with a trip to a hiking spot I've never been, I love discovering new nature trails. I would most likely finish the day with cooking a new recipe or dive into painting one of my blank canvasses. 

SUBOO: What’s your beauty routine? 

JOY: I love to start the day with lemon water, green juice, and matcha tea. Hydrating is so important for your skin and overall energy! Some of my favourite beauty products are Oleplex to repair your hair, coconut oil to nourish the skin, and pure castor oil for your lashes! 

SUBOO: What’s your go-to outfit?

JOY: Soft lacey dress, boots, and a vintage army jacket.

SUBOO: Name three things on your bucket list?

JOY: Travel to Japan, own a horse farm, and have my own clothing line.

SUBOO: What songs are you listening to on repeat at the moment?

JOY: I've been really into Imagine Dragons lately. 

SUBOO: Do you have a secret talent? 

JOY: Most people don't know that I practiced martial arts for 8 years. 

SUBOO: What’s your favourite food?

JOY: Home made vegan truffle veggie pizza! 

SUBOO: What’s next for you?

JOY: With acting always being a passion of mine, I have some exciting new projects on the way! This month I am filming alongside Bruce Willis in Reprisal, a new action thriller directed by Brian A. Miller. 

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Photography: Cameron Mackie (@cameron__mackie)
Jewellery: Luv AJ (@luvaj)
Sunglasses: Illesteva (@illesteva) + Quay (quayaustralia)
Makeup: Jose Corella (@josecorella)
Hotel: Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel LA (@thehollywoodrosevelt)
Hats: Lack Of Color (@lackofcoloraus)

June 18, 2017 by Nicole Beck