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W’24 - Nouvelle Lune

DEDICATED to Mothers



This Mother’s Day, we sit down with Sue to find out how she balances both Motherhood and Business and what’s important to her this mother’s day.  



What important to you this mother day?

I’m appreciative that I have my children and can create a safe and nurturing environment for them, there are many women that can’t conceive and many that can’t be with their mothers this year . I lost my mum when I was 7 so my thoughts are always with them on this day .


Motherhood is a journey. What has been the most surprising element so far? 

The capacity and depth of love you have for your children is far greater than anything you could ever imagine . Motherhood is amazing and challenging and everything in between. You learn about strengths you didn’t know you had and grow into new parts of yourself that didn’t exist before.


What’s your advice for mothers with younger kids? 

 Do motherhood your way because there is no other way to your child’s heart. 


You’re also founder and director of two successful Australian businesses. How do you juggle the split between mother and manager? 

The juggle is real, and it changes at different stages of business and the kids ages. I’ve had to become a  master of my time and energy. I’ve learnt to delegate, let go and breathe deep! Ensuring I stay connected, and aligned to my true purpose so I can be the best version of me for my kids and work team takes practice and lots of support from my team, friends and family.


Favourite things to do with your boys? 

Taking family holidays. The simplicity of being together when time seems to stand still without the distractions of the world makes for the most magical moments of connection.


Do you have aspirations for your kids?  

I’d love them to grow up and follow their dreams whatever they may be . I’ll always encourage them to stay true to them selves. Although I studied fine arts I didn’t follow my creative passion until my thirties, it hasn’t been easy but I’m glad I followed my heart. 





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