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Dylana Suarez – Suboo Muse

Meet Dylana Lim Suarez 

Meet Dylana Lim Suarez (a.k.a. Nana or Dy) a fashion blogger, writer, stylist and photographer from sunny Southern California who now calls New York City home. She’s adored for her eclectic style with it being celebrated by major and upcoming fashion brands, and here at Suboo we knew you'd adore her just as much. 
Dive deep with us as we get to know Dylana in our Q&A and be inspired by her take on our Museo Collection with her edgy styling and stunning imagery below.


How would you describe your personality in three words?

I would have to say: kind, creative and an extroverted-introvert. 

What path lead you to where you are now?

My creative drive lead me to where I am now definitely. I always had creativity in my bones, since I was a kid and loved to take art class, and sing and dance, and I’ve always loved dressing myself since I was very little. Surprisingly enough, I started college thinking I was going to be a doctor or an optometrist, but decided that my true calling was something more creative, and so I changed my path, which slowly yet surely brought me to where I was. There was no strategy to how I got to where I am, but passion and taking some risks  definitely lead me to it. 

Your style is so unique, who has influenced your aesthetic and which is your fave fashion decade?

My mom definitely influenced my aesthetic. I always loved her closet growing up. She had the best taste in fabric and pattern. I wish she kept all her vintage for me!  But I must say that my favorite fashion decade is the 80’s and 90’s. Movies from this time period always inspired the way I dressed for some reason. I was just drawn to it. Especially the movie, When Harry Met Sally. The oversized blazers, and masculine touches that Meg Ryan wore in NYC. 

Congratulations on the release of your new perfume range with your sister Natalie!!
Tell us about your inspiration behind it and the creative process? Thank you! The inspiration behind our perfume, NATALIEDYLANA Eau de Parfum, was the idea of sisterhood (different but the same), and also the contrasts of our two homes, the east coast and the west coast, and how we could bring that to life through a fragrance. Our campaign was focused on the theme of Desert Disco, and the colors of the earthy desert mixed with the more sophisticated textures of city life was always in the back of our minds when creating the fragrance.  The process was a lot of experimentation with different combinations of scents, top notes and base notes, which was a challenging process but also  very hands on, which was loved. We got to work with the best perfumists to come up with the final product, and we really, truly love it and wear it everyday :) Perfume is an artform, and we appreciate it so much more now knowing what goes into making one from scratch!
Fun fact people might not know about you?

I am a queen at karaoke!!! 

An item in your wardrobe you will never throw out?
This is a hard one!!! I guess it would be my vintage Gianni Versace menswear blazer I thrifted in Aspen for $30! It’s so amazing and goes with everything, I could never let go of it. 
What is something you do to clear your mind when you are having a creative block?

When I’m having a creative block, I step away from my phone and looking at images of myself to edit. Just giving myself that  breather and time to throw myself into my other passions helps me a lot. Watching films, reading my book, cooking with my husband, moving my body by dancing or having a good workout, and putting energy into my home space really helps clear my head and give me a sense of balance, so I can get back to creating again with a fresh perspective. 

Having a platform like Instagram to connect with people is such a powerful tool. What is your favorite part of being a creator in the public eye?
I love being able to personally connect with my followers, and have real conversations about topics that matter. I am so inspired by my community, and it feels so good to know that I can inspire while at the same time be able to get something back from them. I  want my space to be a haven for creation, where I can share emotions through imagery and words and know that someone out there is learning something new, being motivated to create something or just gaining a better perspective on life. 
Favorite pieces from the Museo Collection?

My favorite pieces are the shimmery, festive ones. Perfect for holiday, yet still so cool for year round.



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