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Alex & Su, founders of Foile | Suboo Journal

Welcome to Suboo Journal – a monthly blog dedicated to creating and showcasing the positive, diverse and inspiring women within our community. Our founding objective of Suboo Journal is to continue shining a light on local female lead brands, businesses and entrepreneurs alike who inspire us; and from this building a powerful community around us who are equally dedicated to creating positive change and impact.

This month, for our first addition of Suboo Journals for 2021 we virtually sat down with the incredible women behind fellow Sydney based business Foile.

 Meet Alex & Su - the heart and duo behind Foile - a Sydney based beauty/skincare brand determined to challenge the status quo. Foile was created for ease, expression and good skin. Join us this week as we get to know more about Su & Alex and their brand Foile in our Q&A. Plus take a peep inside their beautiful concept store in Bondi shared with their stylings of our latest MUSEO collection.

Foile – where did the name come from and what does it stand for? 

Foile acts as a mirror encouraging self-reflection and independent-thinking, empowering people to feel good in their skin.


What is the brands mission?  (Would love to know about the sustainable elements – packaging etc.)

Foile was created for ease, expression and to provide access to low key skincare that works. We saw the environmental impact of the waste associated with the beauty industry and decided change starts with us. Making conscious decisions regarding our environmental impact as a brand is at the core of Foile. That is why all of our classics are refillable, we offer carbon neutral freight, a Terracycle program to dispose of your empties and no-frills packaging that can be commercially recycled or reused. We’re also here to learn, to ask questions, challenge existing methods and explore new ways of doing things.

Your Bondi store is so aesthetically pleasing! Tell us about the experience you wanted to create for your customers.

We wanted to create a store that was immersive, tactile and playful for our customers to experience skincare. At Foile we want to get to know you, hear your story and your skincare journey, having a physical store provides us with the environment to do exactly that.


 What is the dynamic between Alex and Su!?

We have a very close-knit and adaptable working dynamic. We are both low key girls doing our best to learn, evolve and find our own rhythms. We will be the first to admit we don’t know everything however we are both comfortable with taking risks, curious and have a tendency to make decisions based on our intuition and what feels right in the moment. We are pretty sure we drive a few people mad but this is what has led us thus far.


What are 3 products we need in our beauty cabinet right now?

1. Lesse Ritual Serum
Foile Kaolin Clay Mask
3. Emma Lewisham Skin Reset Serum 



 Coming into Australian summer… What skincare is essential for long summer days and balmy nights?

Foile Aloe Vera Gel to cool you down on balmy nights, Gua Sha to de-puff and Unsun Cosmetics tinted moisturizer to protect your skin.


Shop Alex & Su's looks from our latest Museo Collection:

Lila Button Wrap Dress

Alva Gathered Maxi Skirt - Ivory & Iman Balloon Top

Harper Knit Kaftan Midi Dress

Faith Twist Maxi Dress - Black 


Discover Foile: Online Store & Instagram


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