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Gabby Luna X SUBOO

 Gabby Luna Marlo Suit & Cloud Slip Dress


Recently Gabby put pen to paper to talk about her personal style, celebrating her successes and getting outside her own comfort zone to create the magic.  


How do you continue to nurture the evolution of your creative nature?

I believe in trying new things outside of the ordinary and not being afraid of the outcome or risk. Whatever content I create, I can’t fear the reception to it and perception of it - whether others vibe with it or not. I try new things and different ways of portraying style which I think makes it more authentic and shows more of my personality. Sometimes it doesn’t work out but in the end its about being you and being different.


Your interior design work has been described as visionary and elegant. Is there a particular design period you gravitate towards?

I have always vibed with mid-century collections. 


What’s your greatest achievement since beginning on your creative path?

Being able to express myself through style and empowering my personal sense of style to inspire others as well as my work in interior design.


Gabby Luna x Suboo
 How do you embrace and nurture your most confident self?

When I’m at my healthiest, I feel the most confident. I try learning something new every day, educating myself about different things, exercising, drinking water and being the best version of myself each, and every day. 

Is there an item you couldn’t live without?

At least one of my cameras! 

Suboo x Gabby Luna

What is your go to outfit and accessory? 

If I had to describe myself in three words, I’d probably say minimal, sexy, and simple so you’ll often find me in trousers and a minimal tank. Interns of accessories, I like the versatility of a scarf that you can always style 4 ways. 


What is your favourite Suboo look from our latest collection ‘Wonderland Avenue’?

The Georgia Mini Shirt Dress in pink! 


After making the move from The Big Apple to sun drenched Miami in 2019 what is it that you love most about Miami?

The weather is number one, and then there’s the accessibility to basically anywhere in the U.S directly. Recently we’ve seen many New York hospitality groups have opened/moved here as well. 


Finish the sentence: I am achieving…

Outgrowing the person I was yesterday.

Suboo x Gabby Luna

As Gabby continues to flex her creative muscle and demonstrate creative authority across a range of disciplines, she’s continually raising the bar. Not unlike her moon goddess ‘namesake’, she seems to command her own kind of illumination over everything she touches. We’re keeping our gaze firmly fixed on her intriguing and ever-changing self. 



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