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Girl Behind The Lens: Ivana Martyn

We sat down with the Ivana Martyn, the girl behind the lens in our latest campaign shoot with model, Chiara, from IMG.
Name: Ivana Martyn
Occupation: Photographer

 Top: Over & Over Bikini Top / Bottoms: Over & Over Slim Bottoms

Career highlights to date?

There's lots! I pinch myself everyday for how lucky I am and how far I've come in such a short space of time. I really feel like I've jumped the cue. Flying to Paris last year to shoot a collection of labels and magazines was pretty special. Vogue, Elle, Russh, Macgraw, Viktoria and Woods, Aje...

Every editorial I shoot for Russh makes me feel pretty special. Getting flown to Sydney for jobs when there's a plethora of amazing photographers already up there that clients can choose from tells me i’m on the right track.

Currently obsessing about?

My baby's daddy, that's probably only because I'm pregnant. But I just love him so much right now.


Bikini: Halter Cut Out One Piece


Tell us how you got into the World of Fashion... 

I was pushed into modelling from a young age, but I refused it until I was 18 and finished high school. Then suddenly it was on. i was on the other side of the world, it took me everywhere, the most luxurious of lifestyles to the worst. It allowed me to explore life. For the experiences, the people I met and the amazing clients I worked for, I am forever grateful - they have brought me to where I am today. For some it's been 10 years I am working with the same amazing clients, they have transitioned with me from model to photographer and we have grown together as brand and identity. But, it (modelling) was never my passion and forever I was searching for something else, until now.

"...the people I met and the amazing clients I worked for, I am forever grateful."



Jumpsuit: De Coup Jumpsuit in White

What do you find rewarding about your current career path?

I find photography very rewarding, both personally and professionally. It’s the constant fulfilment. The constant learning. I am creating something that makes people happy, we are creating together. I’ve photographed some really inspiring people with an amazing story to tell. I always like hearing where they have come from, how they got there, and their experiences in life, then capturing that and translating that into a portrait.


Dress: Sweet Thing Lace Mini Dress

What would you tell people who want to explore their creativity as a career?

Definitely do it. To make a living from what you love doing is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Suboo Midi Slip Dress Ivana Martyn Photography

Dress: Midi Slip Dress

Who do you admire and why?

My father - He’s a fabulous architect who is so exceptionally clever with space. His passion has always been architecture, since he was a young boy; and cars, his general knowledge on everything is outstanding and his passion for his work inspires me. He is definitely a big role model in my life. 
Photographer Jamie Hawsworth is another inspiration, he has taken his experience as a crime scene photographer and applied it to fashion, creating beautiful reportage imagery. I love his photographs. I love photojournalism.
I also love dutch photographer Annemarieke van Drimmelen.
And all my friends, I’m so proud of them and  their success!!


What are your top 3 travel destinations

Greece 🇬🇷 I am obsessed with everything Greek - the islands, the ruins, the food!! The beaches, the salty sea, the sun, the language and my beautiful friends there. The people and their hospitality, they are either so grumpy they make me laugh or so helpful and loving, always hospitable. You must go to Porto Katsiki Beach on Lefkada. I’d like to return to India and Mexico, and i could definitely do Israel again as my time there was so brief.
Of the few places i haven’t been to, I'd really like to visit Iceland for it’s natural landscape, Japan for it’s culture, Lebanon, in particular Beirut for the experience, and Southern Italy from Amalfi to Sardinia for the seaside and the food - hopefully we’ll be there by September this year :)


Suboo Over and Over Midi Dress Ivana Martyn



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