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Nikki Ehrlich – Enesea Jewellery


We sat down with friend of Suboo and jewellery designer, Nikki Ehrlich of Enesea to chat about her career, inspirations and creative vision. Hand-crafting pieces for her own personal wear, word of mouth and custom requests led Sydney-based jewellery designer Nikki Ehrlich to found Enesea in 2019. Designed in Tamarama, Nikki draws inspiration from the nearby elements, subverting classic materials and revising these in contemporary styles. Gold hardware, shells, beads and semi-precious stones adorn the world of Enesea, which has grown a loyal following of fans worldwide. Keep an eye out for Enesea in our upcoming campaign shoots and shop via @eneseajewellery.
Tell us about your career to date and how Enesea Jewellery came about.  
Enesea started purely as a passion project. My professional background is in social work but I have always been creative and have always been obsessed with jewellery. It holds such sentimental value. I love being able to create custom pieces that are unique and individual with no two ever being exactly the same, just like us. I started out by making pieces for myself and whenever I would wear them friends would comment until eventually all of them were wearing my jewellery on a daily basis. It was then that I decided to start an Instagram profile just for fun and was instantly inundated with messages from people all over the world who wanted to purchase...thus Enesea was born!
Other than creating beautiful, custom-made jewellery, what do you like to do with your spare time?
I love interiors and have recently moved into a new home so a lot of my time as of late has been spent redecorating. I am also a social worker so I work part time in the field and the jewellery making is my downtime - I find the whole process very therapeutic and calming. Otherwise, take me anywhere outdoors and in nature and I’m happy. 



What’s your favourite part of working in a creative field?

Instagram has been an incredible platform for building Enesea and I have been very fortunate to connect with so many creative and like-minded people. But for me, the real highlight is getting to know all of my customers on a personal level and being able to make them feel beautiful through my jewels. 
Who has been a major influence in your career? 
Definitely my amazing mum, Lauren. She has been one of the most influential people throughout the process as she has been making jewellery, art, and everything crafty she can get her hands on for as long as I can remember. She has an incredible eye and perspective which has definitely allowed me to trust my instincts and helped me to hone in on my craft.
Do you have any new goals for 2020?
 I am so fortunate to have so many loyal customers from all over the world so I want to continue to innovate and create new and amazing pieces for them.


Where can we shop Enesea? 
 At the moment, Enesea is available exclusively through Instagram. We are working on a website but for the meantime a simple DM is the way to order :)
What have been your professional and personal highlights to date?
I love being able to express myself creatively and Enesea has opened the door for me to be able to do that. I love looking back and seeing how the brand has evolved and with it how I have evolved too.  
I have also been able to develop both professional and personal relationships with a number of influencers that have inspired me for many years. And seeing them wearing my designs has been a real highlight of my journey so far. 
And lastly, what’s your favourite piece from Suboo’s latest collection, Supernova?
I love the whole collection but definitely the Naomi black jumpsuit. I love the fabric and the way it fits.


You can view and purchase her Jewellery from Enesea here.




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