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Exploring the Journey of Sasha Benz: From Fashion Stylist to CEO and Founder Of All My Friends Are Models and Wyld Blue

We invite you to delve into the multifaceted career of Sasha Benz, tracing her path from a fashion stylist to her current roles as CEO and Founder. Sasha reflects on the valuable experiences and challenges that shaped her entrepreneurial journey. Her insights shed light on the preparation gained from her fashion styling career, the motivations behind founding "All My Friends Are Models," and "Wyld Blue strategies for achieving a work-life balance as a mother of three, and the qualities necessary for building successful businesses.
Unearth our conversation with Sasha. 
How did your experience as a fashion stylist prepare your future roles as CEO and Founder?
 The glamour of being a stylist was one of the biggest misconceptions people had about my career. They assumed it was making things look beautiful and that was it. But styling was incredibly gruelling, it was physically very challenging to be on locations and working at that speed for clients, prepping and running around sourcing props, and sourcing from showrooms. Then hours and hours of editing, and castings, there was so much about the job that required hard work before even getting close to the final result and not to mention the job itself was just competitive and limited.  
I think that prepared me in many ways to realise how many levels it takes to see results and success. Knowing it doesn't come easy, and you need to plan and work hard, and to be able to manage a team and get the results you expect. 
I think it also made me realise that working for other people and clients is challenging, and I very quickly knew I didn't want to rely on that for my career. So it gave me the extra drive I needed to create my own business. 
You founded All My Friends Are Models, what motivated you to start this, and what has been the most rewarding part?
 I knew for years as I stylist, one day I wanted to create my own project. Working with magazines was my life, and I knew it so well, but I could see print slowly dying out - so taking it online was a natural progression. The idea came to me around the time of my wedding, and once we started working on the concept it all fell together so perfectly. The concept and launch was an instant success, and I attest that to the incredible support of my network at the time. They all came together to contribute, promote and support what we were doing. 
The events that we produced to support charities that held a special place to me was by far the most rewarding aspect of it. The magazine still runs today with online content but I hope one day (when I find more hours in the day), to rebuild the team and start bringing the events and editorials back to life. 
How have you managed to balance your busy career with being a mother of three, and what strategies do you use to maintain a work-life balance?
Embrace the chaos and sometimes accept that not all things will go as perfectly as you expect. 
Also find yourself a partner who not only supports you unconditionally, but that you can lean on when you cant handle it all. 
This has not been an easy journey for us, from the outside people only see the successes but there has been and still are huge mountains to climb and hurdles bigger than you think you can jump. I have learned to find people in my team that I trust and can rely on, that hold the same vision for the company that I do - and knowing that allows me to step away and enjoy time with my family and friends when I need that part of my life to take over. 
What skills and qualities have you learned to build your businesses, and how can others emulate this in their careers?
This is a tough question! Every day I am still learning more about running a business and managing an expanding team - understanding the pace we need to travel at for a self funded business while also keeping the momentum has been a fine line. Not moving too fast that we compromise what is core to our brand, like the aesthetic, the uniqueness and the small family values we believe in. 
Learning how to take a step back and trust your team, and also depend on them to allow me to use my time efficiently. To be mindful of everyones time and emotions and making your team feel seen for the hard work that goes in. 
Trying to keep a fine line between your relationships and keeping things strictly business has been very important. I am so close with most people on my team, but still holding authority and discipline in important to lead by example. 
Making time for work and family and keeping them separate, because if you try to do both at the same time you will essentially not be giving either 100% attention and both deserve that. 
Thinking long term, the long game, and be patient with that path. 
What are some of the future goals and aspirations that you have for yourself and your businesses?
We plan to open a few more key locations, and continue to do this at a healthy pace each year. I would love to expand my team and grow the online portion of what we do, as the retail side has been such a priority till now. 
For myself, I want to continue to travel with my family, and explore the world with them, for personal and business motivation. 
You grew up in Sydney Australia and moved the family to the US what was this transition like, and do you see yourself moving back to Aus?
Leaving Sydney was not hard for me, as I assumed it would be just a quick stint overseas and then I would be back with my family soon after. The hardest part was falling in love with New York, and building a life and family there and knowing I was now leaving Sydney behind for good. Every year it doesn't get easier being so far away from home and my friends and network. Raising kids without my parents or siblings around, and trying to run a business with little support in a small town has been the hardest part, I often wonder how different it would be if they were with me - but we love what we have built here and don't really anticipate heading back to Australia anytime in the near future. Oli and I both have big ambitions here, and love the opportunities that the US has given us, so we plan to ride that wave as long as we can. 
What is a must to a complete outfit? 
Sunglasses - I cant leave home without sunglasses, so this is always something I will ensure I spent that little bit extra on finding my favourite shades for the season. 
 What's your favourite Suboo piece from the new collection?
Every piece I chose to shoot was a favourite for me! I adore the sequin cutout dress, but the colourful knits are also insane! 
I never get the luxury of colourful clothes because I only buy from WB, so I love being able to have some colour in my summer wardrobe now.


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